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Our Art

Jeanne Maze is an exceptional artist renowned for her mastery of pastels and her exquisite depictions of vineyards. Jeanne's work is distinguished by a keen eye for captivating colours and a deep appreciation for the expressive potential of art. As the Granddaughter of the French post-impressionist Paul Maze, Jeanne's artistic journey reflects a steadfast passion and unwavering dedication to her craft instilled in her early years painting alongside her Grandfather. 

Jeanne's art has attracted an international community of discerning collectors, who recognise Jeanne's skill in draftsmanship, the originality and vitality of her work as well as a capacity to capture the essence of the natural world's complexities through intricate brushwork. Jeanne believes that her art should offer the viewer an emotional experience and a profound sense of connection with nature. 


Domaine Maze Churchill boasts an extensive collection of Jeanne Maze and Paul Maze.  We invite you to learn more.

"Colours make me go into another world"

- Jeanne Maze

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