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Our Domaine

Welcome to Domaine Maze Churchill, where a legacy of exceptional cognac production meets a distinctive heritage story steeped in craftsmanship and quality.


Situated in the esteemed Borderies region of Cognac, our family-owned vineyard has proudly dedicated over 40 years to the art of creating fine spirits. The unique terroir of the Borderies region, the smallest of the five Cognac appelations with only 4,000 hectares in production, ensures that our vineyard's offerings are highly prized by connoisseurs worldwide.


Our long-standing association with the renowned Cognac house Martell stands as testament to the heritage and expertise that define our Domaine.

Domaine History


Etienne and Margaret Maze 

The Domaine itself dates back to the early 1800s and has been a centre of Cognac making for over a century. The Maze Churchill family’s links to the Domaine were established in the early 1980s when Etienne Maze, son of the famous French post-impressionist Paul Maze and Father of Jeanne Maze the current owner, acquired the Domaine.


Jeanne Maze and Robert Spencer Churchill

Jeanne and Robert Churchill expanded the family's horizons by acquiring additional land for the vineyard. With unwavering determination and a keen eye for quality, they set the foundation for production of an exquisite cognac that would soon capture the hearts of connoisseurs.


Jack and Ivor Spencer Churchill

Jeanne's sons, Jack and Ivor, carried on the family legacy, taking Domaine Maze Churchill into its next chapter. Their dedication bore fruit with the creation of the iconic Winston Churchill Cognac, a testament to excellence.

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