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Les Étapes de L'Esprit

Discover "Les Étapes de L'Esprit," our exclusive cognac collection, where artistry and tradition blend in a symphony of flavors and aesthetics. Each year, we unveil a limited edition release, featuring less than 600 bottles from our family's private cask collection, ensuring a rare and exceptional experience for cognac conneseaurs. 

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This spring, we are thrilled to present our inaugural edition, a testament to the craftsmanship and heritage that define our legacy. Crafted by the illustrious Jeanne Maze Churchill, a renowned artist and cognac viticultrice, this collection embodies the fusion of two worlds: the meticulous art of cognac making and the expressive beauty of visual art.

"L'Origine," the inaugural release of "Les Étapes de L'Esprit," is cognac that beautifully encapsulates the stage of Bud Break in the vine's life cycle. This exquisite 1985 Petite Champagne vintage captures the essence of our heritage and the unique character of the terroir. Each sip is a rendezvous with luxury, each bottle a celebration of our devotion to excellence and artistry. 

Following "L'Origine," our journey through the vine's life cycle continues with the release of five more exceptional bottles, each unveiled annually to represent the subsequent stages of the vine's growth. These stages are Floraison, Veraison, Full Maturity, and Leaf Fall, and each cognac in the series will capture the unique characteristics and essence of these pivotal moments.



Each year, "Les Étapes de L'Esprit" will invite you to experience a different chapter in the life of the vine, through a cognac that not only delights the senses but also tells a story of growth, change, and the unending cycle of nature. Join us on this exquisite journey and savor the unique beauty of each stage in the vine's life with "Les Étapes de L'Esprit."

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary experience. "Les Étapes de L'Esprit" is more than just a collection of cognacs; it is a chronicle of passion, a journey through the stages of the spirit's evolution, mirroring the transformative path of an artist's masterpiece. Reserve your bottle today and be part of a tradition that honors the art of cognac making and the splendor of visual art, a convergence of luxury, rarity, and artistic expression.

Reserve now and immerse yourself in the opulent world of "Les Étapes de L'Esprit."

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